In Greek mythology, Hermes, son of Zeus, is not only the protector and patron of travelers but also the messenger of the gods. Hermes wears magical winged sandals, given to him by his father, that let him travel anywhere merely by visualizing where he wants to go.

Lucky Hermes! There is nothing as exciting as traveling, freeing your mind from the day-to-day doldrums, exploring different places and cultures, eating unique foods and meeting interesting people.

Come with us as we explore new places …. revisit old favorites … seek to understand mysterious sites … open windows to distant places or those just down the street… unlock the doors to new experiences …. hear the sounds of laughter … and fly away on imaginary winged sandals.

Perhaps one day winged sandals will allow us to explore this magnificent, magical planet. In the meantime, may these pages stimulate your curiosity and awaken your spirits!

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